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Fat Science Podcast

Fat Science Podcast with Dr. Emily Cooper

Fat Science is a podcast on a mission to explain where our fat really comes from and why it won’t go (and stay!) away. In each episode, we share little-known facts and personal experiences to dispel misconceptions, reduce stigma, and instill hope. Fat Science is committed to creating a world where people are empowered with accurate information about metabolism and recognize that fat isn’t a failure.

Join us every week to learn more about the science of why we get fat. No diets. No agendas. Just science that makes you feel better.

This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

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Dr. Emily Cooper

Dr. Cooper has been treating patients with metabolic issues for over 25 years. She’s on a mission to raise awareness about metabolic dysfunction and why diets don’t work.

Dr. Cooper is the medical director and founder of the Cooper Center for Metabolism and Seattle Performance Medicine. She is board-certified in family medicine, obesity medicine, and sports medicine. She focuses on disease prevention – in her twenty-five years in practice, she has never had a patient develop type 2 diabetes while under her care. She became fascinated with the science of metabolism more than fifteen years ago when she realized that the metabolic system influences a multitude of body processes which depend on its healthy function.

She does not subscribe to the typical ‘calories in, calories out’ explanations which fail to recognize the medical complexities of weight issues and overlook the enormous body of research related to neurotransmitters and hormones that regulate weight, appetite, and metabolism. Her book, “The Metabolic Storm,”details the scientific basis of her approach.

Dr. Cooper also founded the Diabesity Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to effective medical care for those suffering from diabesity. As medical director of DI, she provides educational outreach to both healthcare professionals and the general public. She is currently working on an educational series for healthcare providers through the Diabesity Institute and has written a companion manual, “Science-Based Clinical Evaluation, and Treatment of Diabesity.”

Mark Wright

Mark Wright is a versatile media personality known for his engaging presence as a TV anchor, captivating storytelling on his podcast “BEATS WORKING,” and motivational speeches as a speaker. His dynamic and charismatic personality makes it easy to get to know him and connect with his ideas, whether it’s through his insightful interviews, thought-provoking discussions, or inspiring talks on personal and professional growth. With his impressive track record in the media industry, Mark Wright is a name to remember and a voice to listen to. He’s also a patient of Dr. Cooper, and has her to thank for being in the best health of his life!

Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor is a designer and creative director for clients look to transform their home, office, or business into a happy place! She’s known Dr. Cooper since they were kids. Taylor started dieting when she was about eight and has been on practically every diet in the book. They all worked…until they didn’t. Today, she’s Dr. Cooper’s patient, and she’s never been healthier!